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Singapore's leading bunker suppliers pilot the BunkerGo solution for digital bunkering

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efficiency improved compared with acquiring original paper BDNs, proven by 13 eBDN live trials.






Singapore, being the world's largest port for bunkering. Both suppliers and shipowners place a high importance on the accuracy of bunkering data and the efficiency of signing bunker delivery documents. In some instances, manual errors in paper documentation have led to delays and the need for document revisions, affecting both vessel operational efficiency and supplier settlement processes. In July 2023, the IMO announced the acceptance of electronic Bunker Delivery Note (eBDN), followed by the MPA's (Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore) declaration in November 2023 that bunker suppliers could issue eBDNs and other bunker delivery documents through MPA-approved digital solutions. These developments have had a significant impact on Singapore's bunkering industry. Under this context, Sinopec and PetroChina, as leading enterprises in Singapore bunkering market, along with shipowners have actively responded to the MPA's digitalization initiatives by adopting the BunkerGo solution for live trials. 


Under the guidance of the MPA, two of the leading bunker suppliers in Singapore have adopted TradeGo’s BunkerGo solution, successfully conducting 13 eBDN live trials with prestigious maritime enterprises such as China Merchants Shipping, Sinochem Oil, U-Ming Marine, and Wah Kwong Marine, encompassing a variety of large cargo vessels including VLCCs, VLOCs, and Roll-on/Roll-off ships. The test cases covered the entire bunkering process—namely the loading, Ship-to-Ship (STS), and delivery—ensuring that all critical data was seamlessly transmitted to the MPA via API in compliance with the regulative requirements. The live trials showed that using BunkerGo solution not only enhances the efficiency of generating bunkering documents for all stakeholders, heightens security, and reduces data errors but also fulfills the regulatory reporting requirements by automatically providing bunkering data to the MPA, thus streamlining the declaration process for bunker suppliers.

  • Elimination of duplicate data entries increases efficiency and reduces errors.

  • Real-time data sharing among all stakeholders ensures data authenticity.

  • Online documentation and issuance enhance safety by minimizing the need for physical boarding during adverse weather conditions.

Testimonials from the Users

PetroChina International (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

"BunkerGo reduces the workload of data submission on the part of the bunker supplier."


Sinopec Fuel Oil(Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

"As a player in the maritime industry, we rely heavily on efficient and accurate documentation during bunkering operations. BunkerGo stands out for its commitment to service excellence in streamlined processes, transparency and visiblity, safety first and regulatory compliance."


China Merchants Energy Trading(singapore) Pte. Ltd.

"BunkerGo can enhance the efficiency of fuel document filling and save time for shipowners."


Sinochem Oil Co., Ltd.

"The system is stable, and it aligns with our company's philosophy of green and digital development. "


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