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Jiangxi Copper implements a whole paperless business of copper concentrate import based on blockchain technology.


of the overall efficiency of documents presentation has been improved


Metal & Mineral


Jiangxi, China


In May 2023, 8 enterprises including Jiangxi Copper Corporation, Chile Mines, China Construction Bank, carrier & trading company in Japan, Bank of Japan and other related carrier utilized TradeGo to successfully execute a pilot paperless eB/L transaction under D/P terms.




This pilot marks the first paperless transaction in China for copper concentrate import based on blockchain technology,involving 8 different parties from 3 countries, and covering the entire process of document delivery.

The entire process of digital document delivery, including generation, circulation, and recycling of all documents (especially B/L), is completed online.

  • The overall efficiency of doc flow improved by more than 60%.

  • Reduced the workflow of document operation greatly and the possibility of  human error.

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